The Domaine Utah Beach

A land, a tory, a passion

A Land

The farm has been run by Nicolas’ family since 1891. Arsène arrives in Sainte Marie du Mont to farm the “Lavalle land”. In 1998, Jo and Katrien, looking for a new adventure, arrived from Belgium and fell in love with hard rock. They decide to put all their heart into renovating it. They transform this old farm into a splendid charming hotel. In 2008, Nicolas is an engineer and decides to take over the farm from his parents who are retiring. He created the first gites by renovating the 17th century building. In 2014 he chose to change his life to become an organic farmer and founded his family with Elsa. They are the fifth generation of Onfroy on this breeding ground…
Gîte Les Rosières

A Story

“The land of Lavalle” is a family story but also a great land of history… Located a stone’s throw from the Landing Beach of Utah Beach, on the night of June 6 to 7 and June 7 on June 8, 1944, a camp of American soldiers was set up under the apple trees of Nicolas’ great-grandfather’s farm, between the gîtes and the hotel. A testimony tells us that General Bradley was in this command for these two historic nights before continuing the battle of Normandy…and the liberation of Europe… Sleeping at the Utah Beach estate means sleeping in the same place as the heroes of June 6, 1944.

A Passion

Well aware of being the custodian of this land, Nicolas, the engineer, chose to live from his passion by becoming a breeder in this country of the plain that he loves so much. For him there is no question of compromising with respect for nature, it will be organic and by inventing the farm of tomorrow. On its agricultural buildings, it thus produces the electricity necessary for the consumption of 100 households in the region. His beef, he produces it with a neutral balance in CO2 emissions thanks to a production only with grass and thanks to the many trees present on the farm. The farm is part of a European “Beef Carbon” project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of cattle breeding.
Utah Beef
Utah Beef

Quality Meat

Nicolas chose to create the Utah Beef brand to promote his exceptional local meat that you can taste at the Domaine’s restaurant: “Chez Arsène” in tribute to his ancestor who arrived here 5 generations ago. The beef is raised in the traditional way, only on grass, on the natural meadows of the Cotentin and Bessin Marshes Natural Park. The varied flora of our Normandy meadows gives a precious taste to Utah Beef.